I love kids, but let's all admit it - kids are a little weird! When they're babies through about the age of 3, we adults obsess over the perfect gifts to give them, believing erroneously that they'll even care. It is a well known fact that kids in that age group are all about the paper the gift is wrapped in and the box it came in.

When kids enter what could be described as "late childhood" some of them, who are already fascinated by bodily functions, gravitate toward toys that mirror that fascination. Some of these toys, I would describe as peculiar, at best, and dreadful at worst.

If you're wondering what I'm referring to, you may want to take a look at the article I came across on She Knows. For an adult, some of these wacky toys may even induce a gag reflex, but for a child embracing their inquisitive, "gross out" nature, these items are a slice of heaven.

Here a but a few with their descriptions:

  • Baby Poopin' Noodles -Okay I made that up, that's not her name, it is what she does. Her real name is Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin Noodles Baby/$39.99 from Hasbro - This otherwise cute doll's distinguishing feature is her ability to poop noodles.Yup, you read that correctly. Oh, she also utters multiple sounds and phrases, but that seems beside the point.
  • Captain Underpants Talking Toilet/$5.99 at Target - I could see this belching, farting, vomiting sound machine at an adult white elephant party, but for kids? Really?
  • Doggie Doo game/$14.99 also at Target - You feed the dog until he poops and then collect fart tokens. (See video below, if you dare!) My thought is, to skip this purchase and send your kid to my house, I've got a whole backyard's worth of fart tokens!

There's also a Weird Al Yankovich action figure, a Barbie with her pregnant dog (who gives birth in quite a strange fashion) and an adorable unicorn who becomes a frightening, sharp-toothed monster with one squeeze of her furry, little, horned head!

I could list more, but I just don't have the heart for it! You'll just have to check out the complete and completely weird list yourself at She Knows.

Source: She Knows

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