It may seem early to even think about this, but at least one of the toys on this list is already gone from most retailers or can be found only in very limited quantities online. So if your child has one of these hot toys in mind for the holidays, now is the time to get them and hide them away, or put them on layaway.

The FurReal Friends Tyler the Tiger from Hasbro, (above) is so stinking cute, I want one! This interactive tiger is not just a really adorable stuffed toy; he roars, he crouches, he opens and closes his big, beautiful eyes. I couldn't find him for less than $117 dollars though, and at that price, I'll admire him from afar.

Here are just a few of the hot toys (besides Tyler) your kids may be asking for this holiday season, according to Today:

You can see the complete list at Today. Hopefully, if you start shopping now you'll have smiling kids for the holidays!

Source: Today

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