I'm confused. No really. Is being a 'Bitch' good or bad?

When I was growing up I learned that when you used the word 'bitch' you were either talking about a female dog, someone that was complaining, or a mean lady you probably didn't want to talk to.

I learned that in 3rd grade, which is where I learned most everything that I remember today.

I also learned that really shouldn't use that 'B' word while in a heated discussion with an angry female as she would quite possibly hit you where you have no desire to be hit.

I learned that in 3rd grade too.

But apparently somewhere between grade school and Facebook things have changed.  It appears some mixed signals are being sent out by the fairer sex. I point this out because I see girls and woman all over Facebook posting pictures and catchy quotes on how proud they are of being 'Bitchs'.

These, I figure, are the 'Happy Bitches'. These 'Happy Bitches' post stuff like this:


And they say cute stuff like: "I have PMS and a GPS. Which means if you make me mad, I'm a bitch and I will find you!"

Meredith Brooks sings about being a 'Bitch'.  Elton John sang 'The Bitch is Back'. There is some nice lady that want's to change the world so she put up a website called Bitch Magazine.  

Another nice gal who is a singer goes by the name 'Bitch.' She has a whole website called 'Bitch Music.' She sings a song called 'Ibuprofen.' It's about her 'lady parts.' She doesn't seem very happy.

Heck there's even a 'Happy Bitch' Facebook page. And she does seem quite happy to be a bitch. So you can see my confusion.

So, please, do me a solid, explain to me when is it appropriate To Bitch or Not to Bitch?