Robocalls are plaguing the nation at the moment. They've even become problematic for people right here in South Dakota.

KDLT News is reporting that caller "spoofing" is causing a great deal of confusion for residents all over South Dakota.

Here's the deal: scammers, with the help of a website or even a free app, can cycle through phone numbers. Once they do, they can spoof a number, like your personal cell phone and that is what's freaking people out.

According to the KDLT News story, South Dakota State Director for the Better Business Bureau Jessie Schmidt, said, “We have seen a recent burst in spoofing and robocalls.”

Over the last month alone the Better Business Bureau has received reports in South Dakota of spoof calls, ranging from false arrest warrants being issued to calls declaring people to be the winner of the lottery. These scammers can even make it look like you're calling yourself.

"They look to mimic a legitimate organization, explained Schmidt. "We had IRS calls where people said 'but yes, my caller ID showed that the IRS was calling me' when in fact, they are not."

Hence the confusion these type of calls can create. 

The KDLT News story reports wireless companies say there is nothing they can do to prevent spoof calls. So now, the question becomes, how can you and I protect ourselves from these scammers?

Schmidt says, the two best ways are don’t answer the phone, let it go to voicemail. Secondly, never give any private confidential information over the telephone that you, indeed, did not seek out first.

Another proverbial fly in the spoof call ointment is the fact that little can be done from a legal standpoint without knowing who is using your number. Once again making things frustrating for the recipients of these calls.

If there is one bright spot in all this, Schmidt says there is no need to assume that if you answer one of these spoof calls, that your personal information has been compromised.

Should you need to report a spoof call, the best way to contact the South Dakota Better Business Bureau is by calling 605.271.2066 or through their website.

Source: KDLT TV

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