Last week was National Workzone Awareness Week and some 4th grade students here in the Sioux Falls area showed off their talents by designing artwork that will be featured on billboards throughout the state.

According to Dakota News Now, the project is done each year in conjunction with the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

This year local 4th-grade students received the chance to showcase their talents by creating artwork for a statewide billboard campaign that will help to illustrate the importance of safe driving practices in construction work zones.

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South Dakota DOT Engineering Supervisor Kirk Henderson told Dakota News Now, “A lot of kids had like cones and cars and you know, barrels. We had a lot of submissions, it was just kind of fun to see all the kids’ imaginations and see what they could come up with.”

In addition to the DOT billboard campaign, employees from the South Dakota Department of Transportation also got into the spirit last week by "Going Orange for a Day" on Wednesday, April 17th. DOT employees dressed in orange apparel that day and shared a very important message for drivers on social media, reminding them to "Buckle Up and to put their Phones Down" in construction zones.

DOT employees held a moment of silence on Friday, April 19th for all the men and women who have lost their lives in construction work zone accidents.

Dakota News Now also took the opportunity to commemorate National Workzone Awareness Week by stopping by St. Michael Elementary School in Sioux Falls last week to interview one of the DOT billboard artwork winners named Aubree. Her construction zone safety design will be featured on a billboard located on I-229 between Western Avenue and Minnesota Avenue.

Source: Dakota News Nows

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