Dakota News Now is reporting on a Better Business Bureau (BBB) investigation of an online scam that cost one consumer over $40,000 dollars.

An online vintage car dealership calling themselves "Collector's Car" which is registered in Burlington, Massachusetts, was using the physical address of a South Dakota business that is actually in Webster, South Dakota.

Restorable Cars, the business at the listed Webster address, confirmed to the BBB that they had no connection to Collector's Car.

One consumer confirmed an online transaction with Collector's Car in which money in the amount of $40,900 was transferred, but the vehicle the consumer thought they were purchasing was never delivered.

According to the BBB, Collector's Car is not listed with the South Dakota Department of Revenue and is also not registered with the South Dakota Secretary of State.

Check out the BBB's website for tips on avoiding scams when buying a car online.

Source: Dakota News Now

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