You've got to appreciate a good sense of humor. And of course, we should all be appreciating the work of our men and women in blue do here in Sioux Falls. And in these tense times, you've got to really appreciate any opportunity the Sioux Falls Police Department can find to make us smile.

On Friday the SFPD posted an apology for a little misunderstanding. The SFPD Facebook post that made a lot of us laugh went like this...

"UPDATE: Our apologies about the slight overreaction. Could have sworn it was going to be aliens. Maybe next time? Shockingly it was just the sun out for a little bit and now it’s gone again (the calls have since stopped). If you had “alien attack” on your Crazy Events of 2020 Bingo Card, please remove your piece from the board....

We are currently receiving several incoming reports of a bright shiny object coming from the sky. We are working with our partners from NASA and our friends at the 114th Fighter Wing to help identify this could be...dare I say it....Aliens?? Officers are at the ready with their phazers and blasters (you put those in the budget right Mayor Paul TenHaken ?) if they don't come in peace."

SFPD Facebook
SFPD Facebook
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