Last week the city of Sioux Falls announced it was adding a furry new member to its police force. The latest K-9 cop is a 14-week-old golden retriever, named Leo, that will soon be protecting and serving the citizens of the Sioux Empire in the capacity of a therapy dog for the police department.

His primary duty will be to offer support to both officers and victims.

Leo the K-9 cop is still undergoing training at this time, and will not officially start his beat for a few weeks, but on Sunday he was already out marking his territory in the city.

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He was the guest of honor at Severance Brewing Company on Sunday (April 30) to personally pick out the ingredients that will be used for a special “Dog Brew” that the folks at Severance will be brewing up to help pay for his vet bills and food.

As Dakota News Now reports, each time the PD adds a new K-9 member to the force, the addition comes with additional costs. The new Severance Dog Brew will help to defer the cost of some of the extra expenses.

Severance Brewing owner Melissa Heckel, told Dakota News Now, “Over the past few years, we’ve been really involved in helping the area rescues, and it’s something that we’re really passionate about. So when this opportunity came up to partner with Tenacious Dog Training as well as the police department, it just was a really cool idea and we’re really excited to be a part of it.”

If you're wondering, Leo's selection was a mango sour ale that Severance will start to brew up this month.

This special Dog Brew is scheduled to hit the bowls of humans, or should I say, their beer glasses sometime in June.

Source: Dakota News Now

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