Christmas time is here, although so far this season it's not beginning to look a whole like Christmas here in the Sioux Falls area.

It looks like we might be in for a brown Christmas unless Mother Nature has a change of heart over the next couple of weeks.

Given our lack of snow this year, I'm guessing you might need some things that twinkle and glow to help get your holiday spirit to grow. If that is indeed the case the folks at Dakota Holidays have identified what they believe to be the best holiday lanes and Christmas light displays here in the Sioux Empire.

Close-up of lit up Christmas lights
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I'm willing to bet a few of these lanes and homes might even make Clark W Griswold, the king of exterior illumination a little jealous.

No matter where you live, they have every corner of Sioux Falls covered.

Christmas lights

So, if you're looking for a little something to help put you in the Christmas mood this year, here are a few addresses of holiday-themed lanes and light displays around the Sioux Empire you should consider checking out to add a little extra ho, ho, ho to your holiday season:

  • Penguin Lane – 1712 S. Point Dr.
  • Nativity Display – 3209 E. 20th St
  • Candy Cane Lane – 845 S. Day Ave.
  • Reindeer Lane – 2400 E. 17lth St.
  • Snowflake Lane – 829 S. Lowell Ave.
  • Sugar Plum Lane – 936 S. Conklin Ave.
  • Church Lane – 501 S. Churchill Ave.
  • Toyland Lane – 4403 E. 23rd St.
  • Polar Bear Lane – 219 N. Penstemon Ave.
  • Star of the East – 701 N. Savannah Dr.
  • Winter Wonderland Falls Park – 131 E. Falls Park Dr.
  • Christmas Card Lane – 5200 S. Landsdown Dr.
  • Elf Lane – 4500 S, Jandl Dr.
  • Wester Wonderland – 2101 W. Black Rock Circle
  • Lights On Lotta – 311 W. Lotta St.
  • Luminary Lane – 1716 S. Hawthorne Ave.
  • Nativity Display – 3101 S. Lincoln Ave.
  • Hollybear Lane – 1228 S. Holly Ave.
Christmas lights


Some additional fun holiday light displays can also be found at these Sioux Falls locations:

  • 3507 W 77th St
  • 1905 S. Van Eps Ave.
  • 1815 S. 4th Ave.
  • 1710 S. 4th Ave.
  • 501 S. Edward Drive
  • 1509 S. Gary Drive
  • 901 S. Duluth Ave.
  • 6700 Q Cheyenne Drive
  • 3304 S. Tim Trail. Straight East on 41st About a Half-Mile Past 6 Mile.

If we missed some of your favorite Sioux Empire holiday light displays and lanes, please let us know on our Facebook page.

Merry Christmas!

Source: Dakota Holidays 

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