A group of residents in the city of Tea, South Dakota has a friendly little Christmas lights competition going on right now to help celebrate the season. And by the looks of it, it could possibly even make Clark W. Griswold envious.

According to Dakota News Now, 15 homes throughout the city of Tea have decked the halls and their houses with hundreds of Christmas lights and in some cases even a variety of holiday-related themes in celebration of the Christmas season.

This Christmas lanes competition began on December 1st and will actually wrap up on the evening of the 23rd. That night, judges will select a group of winners and award the best decked-out home with a $1,000 first-place prize courtesy of O’Riley Custom Detailing. The runner-up will receive a $300 second-place prize from I-29 RV Marine & Outdoor, and Ace Hardware will award the third-best illuminated home with a $200 prize.

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So if you feel like bundling up and braving the frozen tundra that is Sioux Falls and Tea at the moment, the Christmas lanes are on full display each night from 6:00-10:00 PM through the end of the competition.

And I gotta believe even after the Christmas lanes competition concludes all these homes will still be lit up each night, I mean, it is the Christmas season for crying out loud. Why pull the plug on the 23rd, right?

Here is a list of all the different homes within Tea that are competing in this year's Christmas lanes competition from North to South:

1. 2420 N. Ivy Road-” To the windows, to the walls, till Santa decks these halls”

2. 2325 Sienna Circle

3. 1115 N. Cole

4. 1101-1110 N Mary Ave-” Candy Cane Lane North”

5. St. Nicholas St- “Saint Nicholas Lane”

6. 210 W. St. Nicholas

7. 120 Lisa Court.

8. 300 E. Kevin Drive.

9. 525 E. Kevin Drive

10. South James Avenue- “Candy Cane Lane South”

11. 140 N. Carla Ave-Bella Birch Boutique

12. 431 S. Mary Avenue- “Misfit Christmas”

13. South Prairie, Fox Court, Lakeview Circle- “Santa Lane”

14. 200 N. Jenny Avenue- “Christmas Movie Drive”

15. 900 Cathy Drive-” Lighten Up Dude, It’s Christmas!”

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good light! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Stay warm everyone!

Source: Dakota News Now

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