Dakota News Now is reporting that two Sioux Falls Police Officers found their hands very full, very early, this past Sunday (April 24) morning. Right around 12:30 AM, the officers were dispatched to the 600 block of South Charlotte Avenue.

A call had come in about a parked truck running for several hours.

When the officers arrived at the truck's location, they found the driver passed out inside. You could say he was, literally,  "Asleep at the wheel!". (See what I did there?)

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The officers shut off the truck, took the keys out of the ignition, and tried to wake the driver. That is when the fun began! (Not really).

When the driver did wake up, he immediately started to struggle with the officers. One officer was on the driver's side trying to pull him out of the vehicle, the other officer was on the passenger's side trying to push him out of the truck.

The driver resisted all attempts to remove him from the truck, somehow got it started again, and began to take off. The driver's side officer instantly stepped back from the truck to safety.

Unfortunately, the officer on the passenger side was dragged a short distance before falling and receiving minor injuries to his head, arm, and leg. At that point the driver took off, throwing a bag containing meth and drug paraphernalia out on the street.

A bit later, two other officers spotted the truck near 15th and Cloudas Avenue, but again the driver took off and a pursuit was underway. The suspect pulled over, jumped out of the truck, and took off running, but eventually was apprehended.

In this morning's Sioux Falls Police Department briefing Dakota News Now discovered that:

 Joshua Michael Hamilton, 33 from Sioux Falls, was arrested for fleeing police, parole absconder, possession of a controlled substance/paraphernalia, aggravated eluding, aggravated assault on law enforcement, no driver's license, resisting arrest, reckless driving, possession of stolen property, substitute license plates, distribution of a controlled substance, and 1st-degree DWI.  - Beth Warden/Dakota News Now

Count 'em- -one dozen charges. Not bad for a one-night crime spree!

"This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"

Source: Dakota News Now

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