Our new friend (until he decided he didn't like us anymore and moved to another seat) and Gaslight regular, Ed, described the Gaslight perfectly. He said, "it's a neighborhood bar."

On a recent Friday night, my dive bar sidekick, Dusti and I pulled up to the "neighborhood" Gaslight Lounge on West 12th Street.  It had been quite awhile since we'd been to the Gaslight and we were disappointed to see that the "circus fun mirrors" were gone. The walls back by the bathrooms were lined with mirrors that made your body look distorted. It was super funny when you were sober, you can image how hilarious the mirrors were after you had a few adult beverages. Pieces of wood have replaced the circus mirrors.

The Gaslight went through an extensive remodel several years ago after a fire. The red velvet circular couches are gone and replaced with normal looking booths. The appeal of the Gaslight was the mirrors and the booths. It's a more "normal" looking bar now - except for the plastic crystals hanging from the ceiling, that's still a unique touch.

You can tell a lot about the patrons from what is playing on the jukebox. The night we were there, we were completely baffled. We heard "Waiting for a Girl Like You", into "Gangsta's Paradise" into "Dancing Queen."  We were very confused.

The Gaslight used to be known for some pretty delicious bar food. Several months ago, the kitchen closed, but two of the bartenders, Kristi and Renee, plan to reopen it soon. The menu will include your favorite bar food staples, plus homemade pizza.

Would we go back? Sure. I want to try that homemade pizza. I wonder if Ed will remember us?

Here's a look at the Gaslight through a gallery of pictures.

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