The city of Sioux Falls experienced a first last Friday as an area business fell victim to a Bitcoin scam.

Scammers are once again working the phones here in the Sioux Empire. This time they were successful in relieving a Sioux Empire business out of $3600 worth of Bitcoin on Friday (April 9).

Police told Dakota News Now, an employee from the business was duped into buying $3600 worth of the cryptocurrency by a scammer making a phone call posing as a regional manager of the business.

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The scam artist instructed the employee to purchase the Bitcoin using funds tied directly to the Sioux Falls Business.

The police report states that once the Bitcoin was purchased and the code was given to the scammer, the person hung up the phone.

According to Dakota News Now, this is the first reported Bitcoin scam associated directly with a Sioux Empire business. In the past, scammers have typically asked their victims to buy either gift cards or refillable debit cards as a means of carrying out their various money scams.

Because a cryptocurrency was used in this latest scam, police say being able to trace the stolen funds will be virtually impossible due to the nature of how cryptocurrencies work.

Authorities want to once again remind both residents and businesses, should you ever feel that you have fallen victim to a potential scam, please contact police immediately at 877-367-7007 to report the case.

Source: Dakota News Now

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