Look at these faces! Don't you just want to snuggle and love them all? The Sioux Falls Humane Society is overflowing with cats. If you have love to give, please consider adopting a cat from the Sioux Falls Humane Society.

I'll be honest, I was never really a cat lover because I had a dog most of my life, but one day almost 5 years ago, a stray cat came into my life and has changed it for the better. I can't imagine my world without Miss Kitty. She loves me unconditionally and I love her. Including a cat in your life would make you just as happy.

The Sioux Falls Humane Society has over 100 cats in need of loving homes. Some have been there 145 days and longer. Please view their website to see a listing of the cats up for adoption and also read about the adoption process. Some things may have changed since the last time you were at the Humane Society.

And, because she is just so darn cute, here is a picture of the very spoiled, Miss Kitty. Now, go adopt a cat!

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media
Karla Brown/Townsquare Media


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