If you have ever gone to a Starbucks in Sioux Falls, you have seen the lines and the overwhelming number of people who love coffee in the Sioux Empire.

That support has caused Starbucks to open a number of new locations in the area which has taken their overall store total to 17 in Sioux Falls.

Arguably the busiest Starbucks store is located near the 41st and Louise intersection and is usually always buzzing with business.

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Patrons of that specific Starbucks in Sioux Falls are going to have to find their fix elsewhere for the next month though.

The Sioux Falls 41st street Starbucks is going to close for a month to undergo some renovations.

According to the store manager, they will close at Noon on Sunday, January 23 and hopefully reopen on February 23 with a whole new look.

In the meantime, you are going to want to scope out another Starbucks location for the next 30 days if this store was your go to Starbucks.

For more information on Starbucks, their locations and their menu items, you can visit their website.



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