Hey, you got vaccinated...now what? They'll tell you not to lose it because it will be required for entry to some events or travel. There have been many people laminating their cards to keep them from damage. Let's look at the pros and cons of laminating your COVID-19 vaccination card:

PRO: It makes a great souvenir and reminder that humanity came together and created this vaccine in under a year.
CON: Some lamination machines will darken info stickers attached to the card and can become unreadable.

PRO: Laminate it for free at Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max for a limited time.
CON: If you need a follow-up booster it's hard to make an addition to your laminated card.

PRO: If we need to use these things as much as the experts predict, an un-laminated card can become very worn and tattered over time.
CON: Lanyards are neat, but it's an additional risk of identity theft if someone snaps a picture of it.

PRO: You have a better than average chance at landing a match on dating sites when proving you're vaccinated.
CON: Some things are next kept private because of the deeply divided politicizing of the vaccine.

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Even if you don’t choose to laminate your card, you ought to follow the CDC’s recommendation and take a picture as a backup. Then you've got a copy on your phone to prove you still had the shot(s).

The CDC recommends keeping your vaccination card, so why not add one more layer of protection while you have the chance and get the card laminated for free?


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