An officer-involved shooting late Sunday night in northern Sioux Falls resulted in the suspect being hospitalized.

KSFY TV is reporting the incident took place around 10:25 PM on Sunday, (October 6) near the 3300 block of North 8th Avenue, just north of St. Michael's Cemetery.

Captain Loren McManus, with the Sioux Falls Police Department, told KSFY, that authorities received a call around 9:30 Sunday night that a man in the area was armed and likely hole up in a home just a few blocks away. Officers began to monitor the house in question at that time.

Around 10:25 PM, police spotted the suspect and began to approach him. The suspect took off on foot upon seeing police, during the pursuit the suspect displayed a weapon, which prompted an officer to open fire. The suspect was shot and transported to a Sioux Falls hospital for treatment for his injuries.

According to KSFY, no police officers were injured during the incident, and the identity of the suspect is not known at this time.  Nor were there any more details at the moment regarding the call earlier in the evening that initiated the incident.

Since this incident is an officer-involved shooting, the investigation has now been turned over to the South Dakota state department of Criminal Investigation, which is standard operating procedure in any officer-involved shooting case.

More information regarding the shooting is expected to be released later today.

Source: KSFY TV

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