Is this the end of the road for the 104-year-old, erudite, anthropomorphic Planter's mascot? Is it really R.I.P. (Roast in Peace) Mr. P. time? Or is it some sort of pre-"big game" marketing scheme for the world's most recognizable legume?

If you believe what is contained in the commercial, Mr. P. saves his buddies, actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh, from a fiery

Death while sacrificing himself after a devastating accident in the Planter's Nutmobile.

The buddies are tooling along on a road trip when they encounter an armadillo in their lane and swerve to avoid it, sending the vehicle and its occupants over a cliff. The resulting circumstances appear to indicate the demise of the top-hatted, monocled, mascot.

Mr. Peanut's long life began in 1916 when a kid named Antonio Gentile entered his drawing of a humanoid peanut in a Planters mascot contest. Mr. P's full name is Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe.

He's had many nicknames over the years, some of them not entirely flattering, like, Bag O'Nuts, Nutterpants, Shellydoodle, PB & Whatzit, and many more. But those who knew and loved him, almost always called him P, Mr. P., or just Peanut.

Mr. P., unbeknownst to many, was also a war hero, showing up as a World War II fightin' man in a Department of Agriculture poster in 1941.

He had a fairly smooth life until the end when it got extra crunchy. Is he really gone? I imagine we'll all find out during his supposed funeral during the big game next weekend. Perhaps the secret motives of the Planters company will be cracked open.

Until then, I plan on ignoring the whole situation as I'm feeling a bit shelled.

Sources: Entertainment WeeklyWikipedia, and stuff I simply made up.

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