Forget the expensive man cave and the she-shed. The latest trend is a we-shed. You guessed it, it's two separate sheds connected by a single deck so couples can have alone time but still meet on the deck for a drink or whatever.

According to Diply, it's perfect for the couples who need a little alone time without being too far apart. Isn't this sweet?

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Who wants a “we shed” #wedo #weshed

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Want some ideas to decorate the inside? Check this out from Diply.

I would decorate mine with a TV (duh) and some nice leather chairs. A bourbon rack with tumblers alongside a bookshelf would do just fine. My wife would probably shiplap the walls and have a wine rack with lots of greenery. Oh and the throw pillows. God help me she loves her throw pillows.

When we're done doing our own thing we could meed in the Adirondack chairs on the deck. Let's get building.

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