Babies wear them. When I was a little kid my mom made them for me and called them culottes or rompers. As an adult female, I've worn, and still would wear short overalls, which are also referred to as rompers.

But now, thanks to a group of business school friends (calling themselves Aced Design) who apparently used beer as a thought-starter lubricant, the onesie, or romper, if you will, may become a summertime fashion splash - for guys. Yup. Guys.

Now I make no pretense of having fashion sense of any kind. Not when it comes to clothing, or shoes, or furniture, housewares or anything else where current trends or fashion play a part. I wanted to get that out of the way immediately, before going any further.

The Aced Design creators have an active and fairly successful Kickstarter campaign to fund this foray into shaking up men's fashion or beginning (to use their words) "a fashion revolution" for men this summer. And everywhere, in and on platforms as diverse as national television to Facebook, Instagram, to Time, Esquire, Business Insider and Vogue magazines and websites, etc., they're getting coverage.

Color me insolent, but the notion of men walking around in these pastel or wildly patterned onesies, simply makes me chuckle. And, want to jam a pacifier in their mouth!

For me, this also turns men's supposed fantasies about women's pajama parties on its head, as I begin to imagine guys dancing around in their rompers, singing into hairbrushes and sharing intimate secrets, while sipping on a micro-brew. Oh my yes, next you'll see guys on "Casual Fridays" just hanging out (hopefully not literally) at the water cooler discussing the day's issues!

Soon they'll be spilling onto golf courses, into gyms and restaurants, wearing their pastel rompers and Versace aviator shades. Grooms will start renting formal onesies as entire groups of groomsmen opt for using product on their leg hair for the photo sessions.

Look for doctors and attorneys going for that dressy-casual looking romper, in a plaid seersucker or twill, perhaps with matching jacket. While hard-working road construction guys, plumbers and cable installers opt for something shorter and cooler to make their summer more comfortable.

Okay, I guess I'm done. Do I see this weird fashion concept becoming an everyday thing in Sioux Falls this summer, or ever? Maybe in a parallel universe, but not in this one, no.

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