I know we shouldn't be surprised by anything anymore. The condition our world is in right now has led many people to begin to calmly navigate the waters of weird everyday, with very little effort or emotion invested.

So, I find myself pleasantly surprised when something catches my attention enough to make me say "now that is just wrong"! This is one of those times.

Like any other fad or trend, I imagine this idiotic one will fade quickly before anyone is harmed. At least I hope so.

Coco Loko is the brainchild (I hate to use that term, but calling it an invention might imply it has some socially redeeming quality) of the 29-year-old founder of a company named Legal Lean. He said he had heard about a chocolate snorting trend in Europe, tried it and decided to work to create a version for his company to market. And he did.

For the low-low price of $24.99 you get a 10 ounce can of this cocoa powder-based gunk to jam up your nose! This concoction also contains gingko biloba, taurine and guarana; ingredients you will find in any number of energy drinks on the market.

The company's website makes a number of claims about their new (if you will) "nose candy" including: you'll get an endorphin rush - "like a runner's high", a serotonin rush - producing a "state of euphoria", energy - will give you a "natural competitive edge" and calm focus - to help you concentrate.

Of course there are no scientific studies to back up any of these claims and the Food and Drug Administration is so confused by this idiotic idea that they haven't decided how or even whether they will attempt to regulate it. The Environmental Protection Agency, for its part, indicates that breathing in any particulate matter into your lungs can "cause respiratory disease".

Now, I'm no scientist, but common sense tells me that this is just another ridiculous idea from a guy with too much time and money on his hands. Besides, if I start sniffing cocoa now, as a gateway drug, it'll only be a matter of time before I'm moving on to the hard stuff. You know, trying to snort those deliciously buttery Lindt truffles!

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