I was blissfully unaware of most of the weird products KFC has released around the globe in celebration of their food star, chicken! Thanks to an email from my sister Carmie, in Montana, I now have had some "fetchin' up" and gained some insight into what makes KFC the marketing wonder it is.

For instance, KFC Fingernail polish was introduced by KFC Hong Kong in 2016. It came in two flavors, Hot & Spicy, and Original Recipe. Because the polish was made from food grade edible ingredients, users were encouraged to lick the polish off their nails.

KFC Canada released what was called a "Memories Bucket" in 2015. It was a photo printer that looked just like a bucket of KFC chicken. You could use it with your phone's Bluetooth technology to print out photos.

Not to be outdone, KFC New Zealand came out with KFC scented candles in 2016, so your home's cozy candlelit glow was accompanied by the odor of chicken, or gravy, or biscuits. KFC Japan's equally wacky offering was fried chicken bubble bath bombs, allowing you could step out of your bathtub reeking of fried fowl.

In each of these cases, the products sold out in record time, proving that as humans, we have a lot to explain!

The reason all of this has come to light, is due to their latest, not 'finger-lickin' good, creation. What some may eventually come to consider a very stylish collaboration, at the present moment, just seems really screwy to me.

Apparently, KFC and Crocs, (yes, the famous plastic shoes born in Colorado) had a romantic evening together months ago and they recently gave birth to the offspring of that interlude. Coming this spring, you'll be able to buy fried chicken-printed clogs for around $59.99 with two drumstick-shaped, fried chicken-scented, Jibbitz (Crocs' detachable decorative shoe charms). 

If you just can't imagine your summer without this zany footwear, you may want to sign up on the Crocs' website for an alert when they go on sale.

So instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear your KFC on your feet! Or- -not.

Source: Food Network 


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