Go to any picnic this summer in South Dakota, Minnesota or Iowa and you will find two things for sure on the food table - potato salad and watermelon. Both are Midwest staples. Every family has their own special recipe for potato salad, but it's the luck of the draw when it comes to the watermelon.

When it comes to choosing the perfect watermelon for your picnic, don't pick the prettiest one. The watermelon that looks a little beat up, is also the tastiest. Watch the video above for tips on how to choose the perfect melon.  I'll add a few more tell-tale signs to the list from the video.

  1. Thump it. The more hollow it sounds, the more ripe it is.
  2. Lift it. If the watermelon feels heavy for its size, it's ripe.
  3. A melon with darker green lines is sweeter.

If you live in South Dakota, you're probably familiar with Forestburg melons from Forestburg, South Dakota. If you see a roadside stand this summer that says "Forestburg melons," you better stop. You'll sink your teeth into one of the best melons you've ever had. And, you'll never have to know any of these tips on picking the perfect melon, because the gang at Forestburg melons will never pick one that isn't ready.

If your summer get together is an "adult" party, you may want to impress everyone with a watermelon keg. Of course, not all watermelon kegs have to have alcohol in them, but vodka is a good choice if you do. Here's a quick video on how to make your own watermelon keg.



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