I came across a video that's making the rounds of someone frying up some sausages in a pan and they start screaming. The sausages, not the cook.

I found myself watching the video over and over again chuckling out loud. Don't really know why. It just struck me as funny. They are sausages. I like sausages. But they are screaming as they are being seared on a hot stove. I have no idea why that struck me as so funny?

But then I found out it is a "thing." Folks all over are getting video of pans full of screaming sausages and posting them online.

Then I found myself watching all these and searching for more and wondering where does this end. This is just stupid, right? But then I found the video of the screaming hot dogs. And that was it. That's enough. You'd be surprised what you find when you Google 'Screaming Wieners'. FYI, don't do it on your work computer.

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