The upper Midwest has been a friggin icebox for the last few days. Far be it from Minnesotans not to take advantage of the subzero temperatures to get a little artistic. Frozen pants are popping up all over Minneapolis thanks to a guy named Tom Gotting.

Over the course of the last week, much like Sioux Falls, Minneapolis was in deep negative wind chill territory. Perfect conditions to throw frozen pants all over the neighborhood. Grotting says he first came up with the idea to freeze pants during an Arctic blast about six years ago. When Tom started putting these in his yard his entire neighborhood followed.

How to make your own frozen pants:
1. Soak your jeans in cold water and hang them outside in freezing temps.
2. While the pants are freezing, sculpt them to make them look like someone is wearing them.

So, take that, polar vortex. We found something fun to do while you're in town. Now please leave.



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