Could cow toilets be a thing of the future and can they be trained to put the seat down or is this going to be an issue in the barn?

It seems they are already being tested and we might see Dutch inventor Henk Hanskamp on a future episode of Shark Tank.

From a story in Tech Times:

The cow toilet is simple and straight-forward, with the urinal placed in a box behind the cow. A feeding trough is placed in front of the cow. After the animal has finished eating, a robot arm triggers a nerve by the udders to stimulate the cow's need to urinate.

Tests for the toilet are ongoing in the town of Doetinchem in Netherlands, where seven out of 58 cows have already been trained to use their new toilets without stimulation.

Hanskamp says that these animals have already gotten used to the urinals.

To read the entire Tech Times story click here.

Seven out of 58 cows might not be numbers that get farmers or Shark Tank investors excited about the product. I am curious to know if the toilet using cows feel they are better than the cows who choose to go about the old ways of going to the bathroom.

Sources:Tech Times


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