What if you ordered something online, and they, by mistake, send you two instead of just one? Before you jump to conclusions and say you get to simply keep the extra one as a bonus gift, think again.

Here's a story of a guy who ordered one TV, but he received two TV's and now he's in big trouble. He is actually under arrest with the authorities.

Our man in the spotlight of this story, ordered a TV on Amazon. The shipping company sends an extra one by mistake. What would you do?

When this happened to a Massachusetts man, he allegedly mounted the extra TV on his wall, and he's now facing criminal charges.

According to reports from WCVB, Nicholas Memmo tells Boston 25 News that he paid for a 74-inch TV, but a third-party shipping company sent him that one, plus an 86-inch TV.

The police say the delivery service contacted them after several unsuccessful attempts to recover the television. Officers paid a visit to Mr. Memmo and say he was uncooperative. They then returned with a search warrant, confiscated the extra TV, and charged Memmo with larceny and misleading a police officer.

Source: WCVB

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