The Olympics of the spelling world are going on right now. The Scripps Spelling Bee is underway and kids from all over the U.S. are vying for that crown of the best speller in the country.

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Spelling just comes naturally to some people and others (who shall remain nameless) have struggled their entire lives with the process of putting words together correctly.

I know people who owe their writing lives to Grammarly and spellcheck.

It is true that some words are harder than others to spell. I have always had a problem with the word "conscience". I almost always have to rely on assistance to get it right. I don't know why, but something about it trips me up.

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Google Analytics recently did a survey of the most word searches for each state and came up with the words that other people have trouble spelling.

For instance, (and this is a weird one) North Dakotans' dirty secret is they have difficulty spelling "secret".

People in Wyoming have problems spelling corduroy (who knows why they're looking this one up!).

What about our tri-state area?

  • South Dakota - Even though we're surrounded by beauty in our state, the word we look up the most for spelling help is "beautiful".
  • Minnesota - As many of these as they have to pile on in the winter, you wouldn't think Minnesotans would have trouble spelling "clothes", would you?
  • Iowa - This one totally baffles me! The word Iowans searched for the most over the last year was "grandma". Grandma!
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All criticism aside some words just trip us up. There I admitted it. Now my "conscience" is clear. Thank you, spellcheck.

The 10 Largest Occupations in South Dakota

Where do people in South Dakota work?

If you were a South Dakotan a hundred years ago, chances are you had a job related to farming or ranching. If you weren't doing the farming, you were selling things to the farmers, fixing things for the farmers, or buying things from the farmers.

In the 2020s, things are very different.

Most of us in the SD work in health care or the service industry in one way or another. In fact, there are more nurses in South Dakota than the entire population of the state capital, Pierre.

Today far more people work at a store or restaurant than have probably ever even been on a farm. Time passes and things change, always. Fifty years from now who knows what jobs South Dakotans will be doing

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the top 10 largest occupations in South Dakota (as of 2022).

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I drive around Sioux Falls daily and there are many cool things I drive by and really don't think about much. Recently, I decided to slow down and take notice of some of the city's more interesting aspects.

For example, what do you know about the 'Potato Man' of Sioux Falls? If you are like me, not much I bet. 

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