The Great Plains Zoo (GPZ) in Sioux Falls is excited to announce the groundbreaking of a new exhibit for Lions and Meerkats, set to open in the Summer of 2024!

GPZ President and CEO Becky Dewitz expressed excitement for the project, noting that it has been 30 years since Lions were last at the zoo. The exhibit was made possible thanks to the support of the community.

"We prioritized animal wellbeing in the exhibit design with an enriching and diverse environment for the lions, while also providing an engaging and educational experience for our visitors".

As an AZA-accredited zoo (Association of Zoos & Aquariums), the Great Plains Zoo is committed to the conservation of vulnerable species like lions.

The new habitat is designed specifically for lions and will feature year-round indoor/outdoor public viewing areas, including two indoor viewing spaces, a training window, and a Kopje rock viewing area, along with multiple outdoor yards.

The exhibit was carefully crafted with attention to detail, promoting animal well-being and allowing for voluntary participation in healthcare.

In addition to the Lion habitat, the structure will also include a new, larger indoor/outdoor exhibit for Meerkats, supporting the addition of more Meerkats to the group in the future.

The project was made possible through an $8 million public/private fundraising campaign that began in 2018, with Lloyd Companies serving as the prime contractor and Ackerman Estvold and TSP assisting with design.

The Great Plains Zoo looks forward to welcoming visitors to this new and exciting exhibit.

For more info on our wonderful zoo just go to Great Plains Zoo.

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