I haven't even put out my ghosts, pumpkins, and candy corn for Halloween yet and a trending holiday nugget has dropped. You might want to start a coin saving jar if you’re planning to purchase a new artificial Christmas tree this year.

According to analysts, the average increase for an artificial Christmas tree this year will be up 66%! Thanks a lot, Grinches, They attribute this astounding increase to a global supply issues and shipping container shortages. One California company, Balsam Hill, who sells artificial Christmas trees, is selling its four-and-a-half-foot tall Grand Canyon Cedar Tree for $499 this year, which is $199 more than it cost in 2020. They claim the tree inventory is down by 22% already with decorations down by 42%.

An Illinois-based business, TreeTime, says the cost of shipping has jumped by 500%, and it’s aiming to raise the prices of its trees by no more than 20 percent.

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Even without the global supply issues the heat and drought are taking their toll on live trees in the west. You gotta feel for those folks.

Perhaps that kid down the street selling wreaths for a school fundraiser is our best bet.

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