Friday Feb. 9th is National Pizza Day. American's love pizza. Over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the USA each year. Add another 1 billion on frozen pizzas.

A survey by Pizza Pizza and Pizza reveals that 53% of women say cheese is their favorite pizza topping while 51% of men say pepperoni is their favorite. Other findings include that 30% of people have eaten pizza for breakfast, 41% of people like their pizza cold, 46% of men and 56% of women prefer thin crust pizza.

  1. PizzaRev
  2. RedRossa
  3. Breadico
  4. Zaroty
  5. Pizza Man
  6. Tomacelli's
  7. MacKenzie River
  8. Old Chicago
  9. Pizza Ranch
  10. Domino's Pizza

Where do you think makes the Best Pizza in Sioux Falls?

Other Pizza fun facts from Zagat reveals that the average person eats pizza 3.9 times per month. Top Toppings include pepperoni and mushrooms topped the list followed by extra cheese, onions, anchovies, spinach and chicken.

59% of people blot excess oil from their pizza. Only 7% of people like Chicago deep dish-style pizza. 40% like NY-style thin crust.

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