Schmeckfest literally means "festival of tasting" and that plethora of goodies has always been at the heart of the Freeman Academy's annual event. Last year for the first time in the four-day celebration's long history (since 1959) they had to cancel it.

All funds raised at Schmeckfest support Freeman Academy, so the impact on the school's operating budget was great in 2020, so they looked to other sources for support.

Once again this year because of consideration for Schmeckfest lovers' health and wellness, the traditional musical and meal have been canceled. However, if you are a fanatic about all of all the goodies you can usually find there, you're in luck!

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Once again this year, Schmeckfast is a drive-through event, offering you the best of their traditional delicacies. First of all, the famous Schmeckfest sausage is truly one of the things that people from all over the area travel to Freeman, to stuff their faces with.

You can order the delectable, meaty specialty, by the pound, in either smoked or unsmoked varieties. Their Country Kitchen selections include so many heavenly selections, it may be hard to choose.

Of course, you must get some Kuchen. I mean it is the state dessert after all! They have Cherry, Peach, Poppyseed, and Mulberry varieties. If you're looking for something more on the savory side, you've got to order some traditional Bierocks, which are little dough pockets with a mouth-watering meat filling.

Those are just a few of the wonderful Schmeckfest food goodies that will be offered at the "Schmeckfest Drive-Thru 2021" going on from 1 to 6 PM on Friday & Saturday, March 19 and 20, and also Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27.

But you need to get your orders in now! This Friday has already been fully scheduled, so they are asking you to pick one of the other three days.

Be a part of this celebration of heritage in Freeman, while making a contribution to the education of children at Freeman Academy.

For more information see their website.




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