As we approach Halloween I'm looking forward to all of the candy my kids won't eat. It's the only good thing about them being picky eaters. I get to eat the good stuff they just don't know is good stuff.

I will be the first to admit, none of these are my first choice for candy. If I was on a road trip and stopped for a snack at a gas station I wouldn't pick any of these. But if they are sitting in front of me, or my kids won't eat them, I will inhale them.



Sweetarts are probably my favorite non-chocolate candy. I'm a huge fan of anything tart and my kids are not. So I will get all of the Sweetarts from all of their buckets. The best way to eat them in my opinion is to empty the entire little bag or wrapper into my mouth, then suck on them until they soften up a little bit until they are ready to be chewed.


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Skittles is the one candy on this list that my kids do like. We will play "guess the Skittle" by getting blindfolded and having someone else feed the Skittles one by one and then guess which flavor you are eating. The first one is easy, but after that, it gets harder when your palette isn't cleansed. However, my preferred way to eat the little individual Halloween packs is to tear the top off and dump the whole thing in my mouth and chew it like a giant chaw of tobacco.

Almond Joy


My kids hate coconut stuff. It's got a weird texture but it's okay. Throw in an almond and cover it in chocolate and Dad is a happy man.

Tootsie Pops


I am not a big fan of Tootsie Rolls, though I don't mind them if they aren't rock hard. I'm also not a big sucker eater. But something about a Tootsie Roll in a tasty sucker is much more appealing to me.

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