The Fourth of July means fireworks, hot dogs and hamburgers, maybe a parade, and, of course, beer. Much like many businesses, the going has been pretty rough in 2020 so let's support these breweries this weekend and show our true patriotism by knocking back a few of these local favorites:

Note: Some of these suggestions may be seasonal brews only.

Gandy Dancer Brew at Monk's House of Ale Repute. They have an IPA called the Brainless Wonder. And if there's anything that describes me best on the 4th of July - it's brainless. Bottle rocket, anyone?

Remedy Brewing. Available throughout Sioux Falls where fine beer is sold, the Queen Bee is a great choice. And if you're looking for a sweet stout, the Cow Tippah seems lovely - and who hasn't tipped a cow or two around here?

Fernson Beer. I have two favorites here: The Lion's Paw and the Farmhouse Brew. Both are great choices for the 4th of July celebration. The jury is still out on the Twin Bing. That's a real thing and I tried one over Memorial Weekend. A little too sweet for my taste but it was a hit at our party.

Homestead Brew. Located near Valley Springs, Homestead puts a lot of effort into sour brews - and they are gaining in popularity. When I poured beer at Sioux Empire On-Tap the most asked question was, "Do you have sour beers available?" Although I haven't tried it yet, the Oakly Doakly Flader's Style Red Sour sounds like a winner.

Woodgrain Brewery. No doubt, folks love a good shandy in the hot months. I recommend WG Shandy. It's expertly crafted with a mix of 2/3 WG Wheat and 1/3 Sparkling Lemonade.

Lupulin Brewing Company. Their motto is, "Work Sucks, Drink Beer. Works for me. The Blissful Ignorance should do the job with 9% ABV.

Severance Brewing. If you're planning on getting some sunshine, the Coconut Tan Lines will fit your theme. Severance describes it as, "A tropical Tan Stout in a coconut bra. Too dark for a White Stout and too light for a Stout, it provides chocolate and roasted notes complemented with toasted coconut." I'm sold.

Obscure Brewing. Looking a lighter lager to sip on? The Old Country Lager is the one.

Buffalo Ridge Brewing. My wife will usually gravitate toward the ciders on the warm months. The Apple Farm Cider is brewed using South Dakota grown Honeycrisp apples. Now you have a great story and a fine drink.

Covert Artisan. I can't think of anything more patriotic than grabbing an ale from owners of a brewery that have served in the United States military. Check out Dan and Stacey’s story here then try one of their spirit barrel-aged ales.

Miner Brewing. My absolute favorite here is the Blood Orange Wheat. It tried it while visiting their taproom outside of Hill City last year and it's amazing.

Hydra Beer Company. Hike up your big-boy pants and pour yourself an Unholy Vanilla Sweet Stout. It's like a liquid dessert. But drink it with restraint because its ABV is 6.66% - which is why it's deemed Unholy.

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