Tuesday night, March 30, was the beginning of an experience no one wants to have. A fire that began in an apartment complex, has left eight Sioux Falls people without a home.

Last night (March 30) at around 7 PM Sioux Falls Fire Rescue got the call to an apartment fire near 41st Street and South West Avenue. The building is in the 4200 block of West Avenue.

Early reports indicated there were a wall and porch on fire in the 8-unit apartment building. "Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded with 5 fire trucks, 3 support vehicles, and 24 firefighters." Arriving on scene at the location, they found smoke coming from the back of the building and entered to seek out the source.

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They then discovered heavy smoke and fire in one of the apartments. No residents remained in the building and firefighters got the fire out in about 5 minutes. They stayed on the scene for another two hours to make sure the fire was contained.

There were no injuries, however, the fire and additional smoke damage made the building uninhabitable, displacing 8 residents. The cause of the fire is under investigation and the people who are out of their homes right now are being helped by the American Red Cross.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue would like to remind all residents and visitors to have an evacuation plan and practice it regularly.

For more information, you can go to their website or follow Sioux Falls Fire Rescue on Facebook, or Twitter.

Sources: Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Dakota News Now.

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