A twin-engine cargo plane accident early Sunday morning at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport has left one man dead.

Dakota News Now is reporting the accident occurred around 4:15 Sunday morning (June 7) as the plane was taking off from the airport.

Dan Letellier, Executive Director of Sioux Falls Regional Airport, told Dakota News Now, a plane headed from Everett, Washington to Huron, South Dakota was forced to land in Sioux Falls just after 1 AM due to severe weather coming through the area overnight.

The plane spent only just a few hours at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport before it refueled prior to takeoff.

The pilot, an adult man, was the only person on the plane at the time it went down.

According to Dakota News Now, air traffic controllers at the Sioux Falls Airport were not on duty at the time the plane crashed. An air traffic control team is not typically scheduled to be on duty during that time at the airport.

The National Transportation Board arrived in Sioux Falls on Sunday afternoon to kick off an investigation that will determine the reason why the plane crashed, and the factors that lead up to the accident.

Source: Dakota News Now

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