We have officially arrived at what is commonly known as the "Dog Days of Summer."

It's that period of time each year, just after the end of July that is typically known for being the hottest days of the year. That has certainly been the case over the past week or so here in Sioux Falls, as temps have been sweltering, to say the least.

The Dawley Farms shopping village on Sioux Falls eastside is having its own version of the dog days of summer today, (August 4). They are calling it "Dawley Dog Day."

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It's a day designed to allow you to pamper your pooch.

The event runs today from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Multiple Dawley Farms businesses will be handing out freebies to pups throughout the Sioux Empire.

According to Dakota News Now, you and your hound can enjoy a free evaluation with the professional dog trainer at PetSmart during Dawley Dog Day on Friday, (August 4). PetSmart is offering $20 off every class.

Mainstreet Boutique has all sorts of fun activities planned today for you and your four-legged friend as well. They will also have a photo booth set up in the corner of their store for you to come to take a picture with your dog.

As a matter of fact, the entire Dawley Farm village welcomes all dogs with open arms today as more than a dozen businesses throughout the shopping complex will be getting into the fun with assorted treats, pup cups, pupsicles, free samples, special discounts, and the occasional belly rub for Fido, not you. Sorry!

Get the complete dish on Dawley Dog Day here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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