Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie posted a picture of his wife and kids in front of a Christmas tree with various military-style weapons. The caption on his Christmas greeting tweet was “Merry Christmas! ps. Santa, please bring ammo.”

Massie is a Republican United States Representative from northeastern Kentucky.

His post is getting a lot of criticism. Most of which points to perceived insensitivity to victims of child gun violence.

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For example, Fred Guttenberg whose daughter was killed in a school shooting posted a picture of his young daughter and her tombstone with this response: @RepThomasMassie...

louise@staybymina: if they weren’t white, the media would be writing headlines about a terrorist family.

AmatuurWatcher@OhioDavee: Guns aside, this is visually one of the ugliest-looking families I've seen.

@Amarch4OurLives: There are too many families that have to spend the holidays without their loved ones because of gun violence. The glorification of firearms fuels gun violence. Guns should not be celebrated.

@BadWeaponTakes: Here's a spicy take: until I see Massie introduce legislation to either repeal or amend the NFA, all I see in this pic is another out of touch, elitist politician flaunting his wealth by posing with guns that cost more than the average income of those he represents


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