Mac-N-Cheese. It's a beloved, comfort food. The love affair with this perfect combo of pasta and a creamy cheese sauce usually begins in childhood and continues until death, for most of us.

But perhaps there are times in your life when you can't or don't whip up a savory batch of the golden marvel. Maybe you've gone keto, non-gluten, non-dairy, non-carb, or just non-mac-n-cheese.

Of course, now, there are alternative products for anyone with the above issues. But for argument's sake, let's just say you've put your mac-n-cheese desires on the back burner, but you still would like to have the delectable fragrance wafting through your home. You're in luck!

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A Louisiana company named Melmade Candles and Gifts has added a Mac N Cheese scented candle to their lineup of deliciously flavored wax creations. It is described as having "The scent of creamy, cheese goodness, of the box variety". Unfortunately, you can't buy it here in Sioux Falls- - yet!

When I was researching this story, I wondered "What other food-flavored candles are available out there?" And, when I found out there were literally hundreds of them, my next question was- -"Why?!"



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