I know for some people when the cast of the light begins to alter its angle in the fall, it signals the end of something wonderful - summer. For me, when the light and leaves begin to change, when it cools down and the sun starts setting a bit earlier, it means the beginning of my favorite, yet short-lived, season - fall.

It means showers and whirlwinds of red, orange and yellow leaves, that fill me with wonder, warmth, and an almost beautiful melancholy, that I've never been able to explain.

The intense colors of fall are breathtaking, and at times astounding in their ability to still elicit childlike awe in me. Yes, even long after I discovered the reason for the brilliant colors was biology and not "Mother Nature's paintbrush" as my mom described it once.

In a world that seems increasingly complicated, polarized, and at times downright frightening, I take comfort from simple things which still comfort and calm me. I believe it can do the same for others if you just look around; your home, your backyard, your neighborhood, and drink in some of what autumn is sharing.

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