Our global pandemic, political burnout, and the magnified pressures of daily life had us turning to comfort food and giant glasses of wine in a big way over the last year.

Or was that just me?

In any case, during a prolonged period of time during which we've become accustomed to shortages of any number of products, from meat to sanitizing wipes, aluminum cans holding our favorite sodas to rice - - due to hoarding and other circumstances, this latest item scarcity also seems to have a very logical path.

People in some parts of the country trying to find relief for what many Italians refer to as "agita" (stress-related heartburn), are finding their drugstore, grocery store, convenience store, and even online resources, short, or out of many over-the-counter (OTC) antacid products.

As someone who has taken a daily dose of generic Prilosec for most of my adult life, I'm keenly aware of this situation. I have found myself on numerous, frustrating, occasions searching for the product I take, only to find it sold out.

One east coast grocery store group was limiting people to two antacid items per shopper, around Christmas time. This stress-fueled run on tummy tamers has given rise to the term, "Pandemic Stomach".

Also, people with no medical need for these products began stocking up on them after a preliminary study made the suggestion that one antacid component could relieve COVID-19 symptoms. No conclusions have been drawn in that study.

Manufacturers of these products have issued statements saying they are doing everything possible to ensure their products are or will be, available.

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