The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a "Polar Coaster" Spring for our North Central Region (Zone 4). This includes South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

What exactly is a "Polar Coaster" spring? Farmer's Almanac is predicting that we'll have a cool and wet spring. If that comes true, that would be exactly what we need, considering that we're in a drought period right now.

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Spring arrives on March 19 this year, and some much-needed moisture would be more than welcome, but they're also saying it will be more than chilly at times.  

It's hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner too, (Sunday, March 31) and the almanac also has our forecast for that weekend. The North Central region isn't supposed to get rain or snow, just what they refer to as "mixed clouds".


So there you have it. I guess we need a warm raincoat and a handy umbrella as we move into our tri-state spring season! According to Farmer's Almanac anyway.

Source: Farmer's Almanac - Original: Almanac Predicts Wild Spring in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

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