It's the most wonderful time of the year, and you couldn't be happier. While others get stressed during the holidays, you go full on and don't stop until the Christmas tree goes through the chipper.

Here are five signs you know you are obsessed with the holiday season:

1) You've "offered" to decorate your neighbor's house.


People in the neighborhood say you "go a bit overboard with the lights" but if everyone on the block does what you do then you don't stand out at all. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to dress in black and reverse-Grinch the whole neighborhood in a single night. It takes a Christmas village, right?

2) When people complain that you leave your decorations up too long, you reply, "Actually, they are early."


It might make sense to do the whole "day after Thanksgiving" decorating spree but you are too busy snagging wishlist deals. With that in mind, it really only makes sense to start the week after July 4th.

3) You have multiple Christmas trees.


You have a tendency to spend most of your time in the room where the Christmas tree is because it is so freaking gorgeous. In order to make sure you spend at least a little time with your children outside the living room, it's best to have a tree in each room. If you choose to go with a smaller tree, it's best to have multiple smaller trees in one room.

4) Everything is a Christmas ornament.


Who knew jar of pasta sauce could look so pretty nestled between branches of a Douglas Fir? Such a pretty shade of red. BONUS: When your kids ask where their cellphones went, you can say that you hung them on the top of the tree -- because you did.

5) Your wardrobe changes to "Christmas mode."


When you get invited to an Ugly Sweater Party you get the sweats because you have so many to choose from. And none of them are actually ugly -- because anything Christmas-themed is beautiful. You'll probably end up not going because only you know how to throw a good holiday party, anyway. You'll just stay home and perform the annual maintenance on your snow-making machine.