Very soon, I will be one of those people holed up in my home, sitting in front of the computer I'm typing on right now, attempting to do what I do every day - my job.

It goes without saying that I love my job, the guy I work with, and the people with whom I interact daily. Or used to.

Going forward and for who knows how long, many of us will be anchored to our dining room tables, kitchen counters, and home offices while working. A lot of households are filled with family, some, like mine, are solitary, (except for a very talkative cat, named Gabby).

Gabby gabbing
Patty Dee

I'm going to miss seeing my friends as we work and will have to guess at the silly facial expressions being made while I can only hear them. It may seem odd to people not facing down this sort of isolation, or just beginning it themselves, that it can be a very stressful and fatiguing experience.

In trying to prepare myself, I thought I would share some of the advice I've found.

  • Maintain a schedule and keep to your routine as much as possible - Our brains make associations between what we wear and what we do.
  • Get up and get dressed - Yes, you can dress very casually, but don't sit around in your jammies all day. This helps set up a mental boundary between relaxing and working time.
  • Communicate your needs - If you do have family at home, make it clear to them what your schedule is and have visual clues for your children (like a sign you make together) to let them know when you're busy.
  • Take breaks - Just like you would at work, for lunch, to stretch, for a conversation.
  • Have a dedicated workspace - This can be a lot harder for some people than others. But even if it's only your kitchen counter, put away your work items when your workday is finished.
  • Make time to completely disconnect from social media - At the very least, when your workday is done, if only for an hour at a time.

Sources: Today Health and Popsugar

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