Over the years, we've known many people who have worked from home. I used to so envy my late friend Kim Brenden, when she started working at home. I would picture her with a mug of hot coffee, in her jammies and fluffy slippers, typing away and talking on her headset, with no makeup and her spiky hair, even spikier from a lack of brushing.

Now, that's not to say that my imagination wasn't fairly accurate. After all, she did tell me once that she was wearing jammie pants. But who doesn't, occasionally? And I know that she did love working from home.

Because this is only day two of what threatens to be a long stretch of separation from everything familiar in my working life, I'm trying not to judge the situation too harshly.

But - - I hate not being in the same room as Ben! Despite my protestations to the contrary, he is my best buddy and has been for over two decades. That is at work and in the rest of my life. I can always count on him to advise and support me, to make me laugh, even when I don't want to. And his facial expressions and gestures- -priceless!

I guess I haven't taken a picture of him for a while now, because his hair is currently longer than mine! But I love these three pics of him goofing around at work and my absolute favorite photo of him and his truly gorgeous wife (and my friend) Linda, at their daughter Morgan's wedding.

Ben goofing off, Ben & Linda, Ben & Spam
Patty Dee and Canva

As long as we can FaceTime, I guess I'll be alright. Besides, if working at home is the worst thing I'll have to deal with, I've got nothing to crab about. I'm very lucky and I know it.

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