When a global pandemic changes the way children attend school, it can also change their progress, hopefully for the short term. However for students moving from one level to another, for instance, grade school to middle school, middle school to high school, and so on - - the effects remain to be seen.

The way that schools dealt with pandemic education could change a family's decision on where their children will attend school in the future. But the majority of American families have one choice when it comes to their children's education - public school.

To say the quality of public school systems varies goes beyond understatement. Of course, it all comes down to funding, with the majority of it coming from state and local taxes and very little coming from federal funding sources.

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Not surprisingly, the more resources (or taxes) available, the better the school system. Wallet Hub's latest look at the state of American public school systems is good and bad news, depending on which end of the spectrum your school system lands.

Once again in 2021, South Dakota, we came out squarely in the middle of the pack in 25th place. So again, we could be so much better, or, worse-- depending on how you look at it.

Wallet Hub indicated that for this study they didn't just look at academic outcomes or finances, but took a more comprehensive view including: "performance, funding, safety, class size, and instructor credentials".

Within these parameters, they examined issues like pupil-teacher ratios, ACT scores, reading and math test scores, shootings, bullying incidents, drop out and graduation rates, and more.

You can see the complete study at Wallet Hub.

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