When I first wrote this piece we were deep in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic and I was feeling particularly blue. As it turns out a visit to a "Snowman Wonderland" in December 2020 was a major spirit lifter and when I came across the photos again, I decided to share them and the article once more.

My BFF of 4 decades, Georgie, called to ask if I wanted to check out her Christmas display, I was more than eager to make the short trip to Harrisburg to see it. Knowing that I would more than likely be met with a cup (or two) of Christmas cheer, a delicious meal, a hug, and- - lots of snowmen!

As we all know, hugging people back then could be a treacherous proposition, but sometimes you just had to break the rules.

Georgie has been collecting snowmen forever and she has hundreds of them. Her rules are that you shouldn't have any Christmas lights on until after her birthday at the end of November. Her hubby Mike requested some Christmas cheer this year and she came through in a big way.

I hope you enjoy these as much now, as I did then! Merry Christmas!

2022 Winter Wonderland at Falls Park

A holiday tradition continues with Winter Wonderland at Falls Park in Sioux FallsSouth Dakota.

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