Apparently here in South Dakota, our Easter baskets will have a somewhat upscale, sweet and creamy, resident come Sunday morning. According to product reviews from the website Influenster, South Dakotans love their chocolate bunnies, and in particular, foil-wrapped Godiva milk chocolate bunnies. I have no argument for that, chocolate bunnies are yummy!

Influenster analyzed data from 17,000 reviews of Easter chocolates and candies to come up with their results. We Americans love our sweet treats, that is for sure, but we don't necessarily agree on which ones are our favorites. The top vote-getter across the country, (believe it or not) is Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I despise those gooey, sugar pods of disappointment, but residents in nine states,  (including Colorado, where my Cadbury egg-obsessed nephew Bubbi lives) chose them as their favorite.

The next two top vote-getters were; Peeps, (the favorite of Nebraskans and 4 other states) and Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (also favored by five states, including our neighbors in Minnesota and North Dakota).

My absolute personal favorite is the Lindt foil-wrapped dark chocolate bunny, which I hope to capture at Target later today!

You can find out what everyone else in the country will be getting their sugar high from, by checking out the report on Influenster.

Source: Influenster


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