I feel like the answer to the above question needs to be qualified. So I need to answer that question with another question; is it a general question, a "how-to" question or "why-do" question?

What the heck, let's just look at all three shall we? (Sorry, that was another question, wasn't it? Oops-so was that!)

According to research done by a Visme blogger on questions asked of Google from coast-to-coast, which was then compiled by Thought Catalog; the question which was Googled the most in South Dakota in the last year was: What is mortal sin?

Serious stuff huh? Well, South Dakotans aren't the only ones looking for answers to deeply felt and thought about questions. Here were some others:

  • Texas - Are we alone in the universe?
  • Washington - How to be a better person?
  • Pennsylvania - What is heaven like?
  • Tennessee - What is truth?
  • New Hampshire - What happens after you die?

On a lighter note, the most asked "how-to" question in South Dakota was: How to make slime? (Find a simple recipe here).

The most asked "why-do" question in South Dakota was: Why do dogs eat grass? The very simple and honest answer is; no one is really quite sure. (But here are a few thoughts on the subject).

My German Shepherd, Bella eats grass year-round when she can find it. Quite often she will do it when her stomach is upset, which aligns with one theory.  But she will also do it just because at other times.

So there you are, a lot of questions, with a lot of so-so answers!

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