In this world where a large group of humans seem to have no desire to make a living the normal way, you know - -working, there is always someone trying to part you from your hard-earned cash!

And, what kills me about this is, that these people aren't stupid. They actually spend time thinking about how to screw people out of their money! Are they just born evil, or what?

What's that old saying? "Why can't they use their powers for good?"

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Dakota News Now is reporting that the Better Business Bureau has discovered the latest scam that has arrived in Sioux Falls -

- -con artists posing as local government and utility company representatives, are offering phone home energy audits and services.

These jerks usual procedure is to call unsuspecting victims, but they occasionally will show up right on your doorstep.

 It’s typically something where the homeowner is going to seek out that particular service...As far as an energy audit, none of our companies are going to go door-to-door offering that.- -Chris Nelson, Chairman of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Jessie Schmidt, Regional Vice President of the Better Business Bureau agrees that utility companies do offer this service, but they won't call you. They will usually send you a direct mail piece, or email, offering the home energy audit, which is free.

So if someone calls you or shows up on your porch offering to do an energy assessment on your home (for a price), to determine the efficiency of your heating and/or cooling system, insulation, etc., just tell them where they can go!

Sources: Dakota News Now and the Better Business Bureau

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